Law of Attraction

Ever wondered why it’s so easy to get stuck in a negative rut? Or why when one good thing happens another follows? Often, we attract like for like and the law of attraction explains why. It’s a term that gets batted around in general conversation and yet many people don’t know very much about it or how to apply it to their lives. 

The law of attraction is the idea that we attract what we think about and that our minds have the power to manifest our thoughts into reality. In simple terms, subconsciously we ask, believe and therefore we receive. To many this is too airy fairy and yet many live their lives by the law of attraction. 

The law of attraction is always at work. What we predominantly think about is what we attract. As such, controlling what we think about is very important when applying the law of attraction, so that we bring what we are looking for into our lives and not the opposite. We will consider how the law of attraction could be applied to your life and some practical tips to help you attract a life you love. 

The law of attraction assumes that by focusing on the positive thoughts, we bring positive experiences into our lives and vice versa. The main proponents behind this theory believe that people and their thoughts are made from pure energy, and that the channelling of this energy is what unlocks the power to attract a similar energy, which in turn can improve our lives. 

This idea in itself is not a novel one, coming from the Muslim tradition, there is a saying of God, “I am to my servant as he thinks of Me.” Thus, our thoughts are our most powerful tool with which to engage with the world around us.

What are the areas in which we can apply the law of attraction?

If asked what people most desire, financial independence is a popular ask. Many strive to achieve financial independence and although many fall short of their goal, others do not. Let’s stop and think what is it that makes some people reach their goals whereas others do not? Jack Canfield wrote the famous book ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’. His journey begins with him affixing money to his ceiling above his head so that every day when he woke up he would see abundance. Over time his life unfolded with him sending a book he had written, to a publisher. Before long Jack had amassed a small fortune. He describes how he visualised his success, kept faith in his dream to attract abundance and then went with the flow. 

This idea in itself is not a novel one, coming from the Muslim tradition, there is a saying of God, “I am to my servant as he thinks of Me.”

Another wonderful way of using the law of attraction is to attract relationships we want and also improve the ones we have. The law of attraction suggests that if we focus on the positive aspects of a person’s characteristics then we will certainly see more of them. Others would like to attract a romantic relationship. Visualising that relationship will increase the chances of having that relationship in our lives. 

So how can you get it to work for you? 

Firstly what you want must be a well-defined and clear thought. If its good health you want then be clear on what that looks like. Maybe you want a complete change of your diet, one that will bring you optimum health. Outline exactly what that that means and when it should be done by. 

Secondly this must be followed with a belief that it will happen. Here you need your faith to kick in. if you say you want optimum health and think it will never happen then it will never happen. So add faith and belief to your ask.  

Thirdly Rhonda Byrne adds that we must add emotions to this, so when you are designing this new diet and its impact on you really feel the positive emotions that will come with it. 

Fourthly we must also visualise clearly what we want to achieve. Use the senses to describe this new diet, how it makes you feel and the impact it has on your health and well-being. 

Fifthly its more likely to happen if we imagine it as though it is already happening. So we may express our gratitude for it having come into existence already. 

All this will lead to actions that are congruent with the thoughts that you are having and the more you do this the more naturally it will flow.

How to begin? Gratitude attracts abundance so why not sit and think about what you’re grateful for. Once you are in that beautiful positive space you can begin the process of attracting into your life all that you love and desire. 

By Aamna Khokhar

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