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Akeela Ahmed

Founder & Editor

akeela twitter photo

Akeela Ahmed is an equalities campaigner with over ten years experience providing support to vulnerable individuals with complex social and mental health difficulties. She sits on a national level government working group on anti-Muslim hatred, is the Muslim Family Specialist with the Christian Muslim Forum, and holds an MSc in Mental Health Studies. Follow her on Twitter @akeelaahmed read her personal blog at and she blogs on the Huffington Post UK here

Aliya Zaidi

Contributor & Assistant Editor

Aliya photo

Aliya Zaidi is a self-confessed geek, blogger, foodie and mum. Prior to motherhood, Aliya worked for 5 years in online marketing. Aliya has a passion for eating out and healthy food; basically, she will try anything as long as it’s halal. Follow her on Twitter @aliyazaidi or read her digital marketing blog at

Zeba Talkhani

Contributor & Assistant Editor







Zeba Talkhani works in academic publishing. When she is not reading, she loves to explore themes such as identity, diversity, privilege and social deconstruction through her writing and interactions. Follow her on Twitter @zebatalk and Instagram @zebatalk.

Sabrina Mahmood


Sabrina Mahmood

Sabrina Mahmood has always loved writing and poetry. She began her blog as on outlet for all the internal questions which we all turmoil over. She also wanted to represent the true meaning of her faith, showing people the peace and love it teaches, and how it allows her to face theinternaldebate. Follow her on Twitter @sabrina01m or read her personal blog at

Roszeen Afsar



Roszeen Afsar graduated in Politics & Geography (Combined Honours BA) at Newcastle University. She is a painter and creative writer. Follow her on Twitter @Roszeen You can check out her work on Instagram @inkyartbyroszeen and her personal blog 

Christal Williams


Christal Williams

Christal is a Black British Revert who came to Islam in 2012. Her blog includes topic about the revert experience (including her own), purification of the heart and issues that affect young Muslims. You can read her blog at and follow her on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Hafsa Guled


Hafsa Guled

Hafsa Guled is a 19-year-old aspiring writer and social advocate. She hails from the Midwest, specifically South Minneapolis, MN and loves to hate her town. She has published some poems and articles here and there but hopes to solidify her work before graduating from college. Her Muslim- American identity means the world to her. Halsey and Nicki Minaj are also her idols. You can follow her on Twitter @QUESADILLABABY

Robina Saeed




Robina is an energetic 20 year old Human Geography student from Manchester. She enjoys writing in a matter of fact and casual tone, sharing insights in politics, social life, religion, peace and war.  She has a Youtube channel raising awareness of conflicts worldwide, as well as an easy-to-read personal blog ‘Robina Writes’. You can also follow her on Twitter @ROBtotheINA


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