Wonder Women: Halal Dinning Club Founder, Siddika Jaffer

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Siddika Jaffer

At SSWH we are keen to promote upcoming everyday women who are following through their passions and dreams by doing great things, in a particular area of their lives – work, life, campaigning, business or the creative sector. These women are making a difference, changing lives, and their actions are like ripples in a pond, causing a cascade of change.

We couldn’t wait to interview Siddika Jaffer, apart from running Halal Dinning Club she is also a mother and super nice. Siddika has also recently launched enfoundery www.enfoundery.com to help other startups and entrepreneurs take their ventures from idea to scale. enfoundery has a soft spot for female, ethnic and social impact founders. After a delay at our end we are very excited to finally showcase how awesome she is! (Our thanks to Siddika for her incredible patience).

Image courtesy of Siddika Jaffer

Our sincere thanks to Siddika for answering our questions!

Interview by Akeela Ahmed (follow her @AkeelaAhmed)

From our perspective all women are pretty awesome, so please do not be disheartened if you do not feature in this series – instead email us and we would be delighted to interview you! shespeakswehear@gmail.com

All images are copyright of Siddika Jaffer.

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