Aamna Khokhar is determined to equip people with the tools to strengthen communication, regard and love within their relationships. She helps people overcome destructive thought patterns, obstructive emotional responses and manage stress and anxiety. She believes that the management of these can help people heal their relationships and reclaim their self-worth and improve their lives. With a background in Psychology spanning 20 years and a qualification in life coaching Aamna has chosen to specialise in Relationship Coaching. She works with individuals as well as in groups and runs workshops on self-development and the creation and maintenance of healthy relationships, including finding love. She has recently begun creating e-learning modules allowing individuals to work at their own pace and leisure to ensure that self-development is a pleasurable part of their everyday lives.

Anjum Hussain is an experienced teacher and educational consultant, a key figure in local politics and a contributor to The Times (TES). Anjum has taught in schools in London for twenty years. She has also been involved in advising the Chinese government on implementing creativity and alternative curriculums for students across the ability spectrum. Her experience has spanned from teaching children of underprivileged backgrounds and placing them at Oxbridge and Russell group universities, her ability to see the potential in all the young people throughout her career has ensured that students have fought the odds and go on to fulfil their potential, beyond even their own ambitions. A recent student has just interned as the first female Somali intern at Number 10 Downing street. Anjum has developed and delivered materials for schools to use on Islamaphobia and is currently working with the Runnymede Trust on making migrant stories more widespread in the curriculum. Anjum’s recent work has been involved in local politics where she has been actively involved in the local CLP as Vice-Chair in charge of the growing membership. Anjum has met with local MP Gareth Thomas, to discuss the school cuts that are currently being experienced by schools in Harrow and also nationally. Anjum writes regularly for TES (Times Education Supplement). Her most recent project has been devised through the Institute of Education and University College London titled ‘Dwelling Together’ or. ‘Dwelling in Diversity’. You can follow her  blog and see the contact page for more details.

With a background in luxury fashion and a passion for politics, Saira Mirza is interested in dismantling toxic masculinity, patriarchy and tackling Islamophobia. After graduating in politics, Saira worked and interned in numerous political institutions: Interning for a Labour MP, European Elections, The New Statesman, UK Parliament- The House of Lords, London Mayoral Elections and an exciting internshipopportunity with the Democratic Party in New York. She encourages more debate on the role of Muslim women in the media and also strives to give women from under-represented demographics a prominent voice.

Elizabeth is a young British Muslim and human rights activist. She has been passionate about human rights and socio-political issues since discovering Amnesty International when I was at school. She also loves discovering other languages and cultures and travelling. She went on to study languages/translation and human rights at postgraduate level, including some study within Islamic Studies. She converted to Islam whilst in her final year at university. Her  main interests include women’s rights, children’s rights, religious/cultural/linguistic rights, minority, refugee and migrant rights and issues surrounding post-colonialism, immigration, multiculturalism and both intercultural and interfaith work.

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