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23rd October 2017
by She Speaks We Hear

Ladies: Beware of the fake (male) feminist

Feminism. The word’s got a bit of a bad reputation, hasn’t it? Mention you’re a feminist in a crowd of people and they may think you’re a man-hating “modernist” out to take over the world and crush all menfolk. Now mention … Continue reading

12th December 2016
by She Speaks We Hear

Religion and Faith: Important Allies in the fight against Gender-
Based Violence?

“You cannot be a feminist and believe in religion”, a respected colleague who works with women from Middle Eastern and Afghani backgrounds, declared to me two weeks ago, a statement that hurt me a little but wasn’t surprised by as … Continue reading

24th May 2016
by She Speaks We Hear

An Interview with feminist Huma Munshi

This month we have interviewed inspirational fabulady Huma Munshi, who started the #fuckhonour hashtag, which trended on Twitter. Huma is passionate about addressing inequality through her writing on feminism, forced marriage, mental illness, films and her activism. She is a regular contributor at the … Continue reading

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