Keith Vaz’s Dirty Laundry

“…deeply troubling that a national newspaper should have paid individuals to have acted in this way” was Keith Vaz’s condemnation of the Sunday Mirror’s exposure of his meeting with two male prostitutes.

But a national newspaper committing a sting operation, when that’s it’s modus operandi, is not the same as a national public figure, who has campaigned against the very drug he was caught offering to buy a group of potentially exploited men for their use.

Sometimes the debate about what deserves to be private is simply a delay tactic of slowing down the digestion of information into it’s rightful pile of excrement. 

As amusing as it may be to envisage “Teflon Vaz” getting his “party started” with party poppers, but in an age of political scandal serialisations, the 2.4 picture perfect family not equating to a suburban sex life, should no longer really shock us.

However, operating with a degree of impunity, untouchability and sheer hypocrisy will rightfully infuriate faithful constituents.

And whatever grief, betrayal and humiliation may be experienced by family members, he alone is responsible for that. After all, you cannot be a public figure aka Mr. Washing Machine Business Owner, and not have your dirty laundry aired in public.

By Nabila Pathan

Nabila Pathan is the founder/director of the London-based Full Picture Club and an arts and culture writer focusing on diaspora Muslim communities. She also writes for Al Arabiya news. You can follow her on Twitter @nabilampathan

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the original author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the website. 

Image courtesy of Daliscar1 on Flickr 

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