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27th January 2019
by She Speaks We Hear

Love Love Love

Love is such an elusive thing, there seems to be an art to it, some of us get it and others well, we just don’t. If you’re in search of the one or if you have already found them it’s important to realise that you are in control and true love is not such an elusive thing Continue reading

26th July 2018
by Elizabeth Arif-Fear
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Your individual middle path: 10 must-read pieces of advice for female converts to Islam

Liz Arif-Fear shares her experiences and advice for a growing female convert community Continue reading

9th May 2018
by She Speaks We Hear

Muslim Women: Enslaved or Empowered?

Women in Islam, often synonymous to the Asian concept of ‘purdah’, have been unveiled, ironically, by nearly every media house and spokesperson. Even laymen, with little to zero knowledge of Islam, claim with confidence that only a specialist would have, … Continue reading

21st August 2017
by She Speaks We Hear

The Top 7 Expectations On Young Muslim Women And How To Overcome Them.

For many Muslim women in the UK, we are expected to achieve a top 7 definitive ‘checklist’ where marriage and children have been the ultimate goalpost for generations. Thankfully, the walls have begun to crumble and we have seen many … Continue reading

20th September 2015
by She Speaks We Hear
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Dear Asian community – It’s time to discuss the F-word

Let’s be honest my friends, many in our community will think nothing of a 45 year old man pursuing and, in some cases, successfully capturing the attention of a 22 year old woman. The lucky suitor will be applauded, receive … Continue reading

11th September 2015
by She Speaks We Hear

An Open Letter to Happily Married SuperMums (Who Got Lucky…)

Dear Happily Married SuperMum, Hi there. You already know me so I won’t go into too much depth describing myself: I’m basically the antithesis of everything you are – the all-too visible single brown elephant in the room. You know, … Continue reading

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