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8th June 2017
by She Speaks We Hear

The Irony of Oppression

According to Google, the definition of oppression is the prolonged, cruel or unjust treatment or exercise of authority. And according to UKIP leader Paul Nuttall, the burqa is a symbol of oppression and is the latest headline act (so to speak) … Continue reading

1st February 2016
by She Speaks We Hear

#TraditionallySubmissive – An Interview with Dr Sukaina Hirji

Last month the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, wrote in The Times newspaper that a significant number of British Muslim women could speak little or no English language. He wrote: “Consider this: new figures show that some 190,000 British Muslim … Continue reading

19th August 2015
by She Speaks We Hear

How can I prove myself to be more “British” to live up to Mr Cameron’s standards?

My Reactions to Cameron’s new counter Terrorism Speech by Robina Saeed @ROBtotheINA Ah Mr Cameron, where do I begin? I must admit I’ve never been his biggest fan. Under his leadership we saw austerity levels reach the highest they’ve ever … Continue reading

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