Benefits of Fasting

90146ca782bdaec7d6aea24e6eab1b0fShiza Khan is back with the second part of her Ramadan preparation series. In part 2 she details the benefits of fasting, so just in case you’re finding the fasts difficult, this is a timely reminder! 

May is already here, and we’re just a few days into oRamadan!  And today, I want to discuss The BENEFITS OF FASTING, mainly on the body, as the benefits on the body will extend to the mind and soul too.

The benefits of fasting are only effective for longer fasting periods, (no, a break between lunch and dinner doesn’t count) , this is because the body needs time before it can break down it’s waste and wash out the toxins, which can only happen in longer periods of fasting. During Ramadan, Muslims fast for a period of at least 14-17 hours, depending on their geography.

Some of the researched benefits of fasting include –


We in our everyday lives, overuse and exploit our digestive system more than we admit. Being the single most overused system in our body, it hardly gets a break or time to rest. Fasting helps achieve this seemingly Herculean task. By providing a break in our digestion we give it and our bodies time to recover. This enables the system to work better when provided with food and absorb nutrients better. Also in the general absence of food, the body is able to clear itself of toxins and breakdown unwanted cells to provide energy. This process helps the body eliminate diseased cells and thereby maintain optimum health.



All those who have a predisposition to developing diabetes (are more likely due to heredity or other conditions) or have diabetes* have more chances of improving their insulin resistance by fasting. Researches have shown that even an 8 hour fast improves insulin action on glucose. This action is also useful for those who simply desire to lose weight, or women who have PCOS, as insulin action is impaired.


Fasting has recently shown to cause a significant improvement in Immune system regeneration. In the process of consuming diseases cells, WBC’s are utilized for energy production. This causes the body to produce new WBC cells and improving immunity. Fasting is also said to reduce hormones that are linked with ageing.

Most people personally experience these changes and improvements, other benefits however are still under research. It however in no way implies that you should doubt for a second before fasting. These are some medically researched benefits that have been proved only recently when in Islam these had been sated 1400 years ago.

So this Ramadan fast your day away consciously keeping in mind that Allah has deemed what is best for you. Peace! stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

*Always seek advice from your doctor or physician before embarking on fasting, if you have any health conditions such as diabetes.

By Shiza Khan

Shiza Khan is an Indian Muslim Clinical Dietitian with a penchant for health foods, I believe the right food can heal the body, mind and the soul. On a mission to making holistic health a possibility, I can be found devouring books in my free time and sharing my ideas on a little corner of the internet. If you want to read more of her ideas and recipes, visit her blog and follow her on Instagram @cal.conn 

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