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The voices of BAME women are rarely heard whatever their experiences. This is even more true when it comes to instances of hate crime, misogyny and sexism. Taking inspiration from The Everyday Sexism project She Speaks We Hear are introducing a new project: Listen. Listen is a space to catalogue instances of hatred, experienced by Muslim Women and BAME communities on a day to day basis.

Listen is truly that – share your story on whatever it maybe - in your own words, in your own time. If your experience made you feel uncomfortable, it's a story that needs to be heard whether you believe it's minor or not. We believe every experience you have that is unjust needs to be shared. We hope by sharing your story, you can take solace in that there is a sisterhood but more importantly we are there to support you to raise awareness of the issues you are dealing with, so that society can works towards resolving and addressing these problems.

With the current global Coronavirus pandemic, we are acutely aware that government's and statutory agencies will be putting all their resources into responding to and addressing the crisis. Therefore this project is even more important to track and keep a record of hatred in whatever form that is targeted against grassroots communities. There will be some who will want to exploit the Coronavirus crisis to further their own agendas of hatred and sow divisions, there will be others who are opportunistic and will use the crisis to enact their negative feelings onto the most vulnerable in society. So if you experience hatred in any form please share with us, and the world, below you story. Please note this is not a monitoring or reporting service. In an emergency please call your local emergency service. We will not pass on or share individual entries with the police or other reporting agencies.

PLEASE NOTE; Entries, excluding any identifying details may be quoted in newspaper and magazine articles or in other She Speaks We Hear publications or social media platforms.


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