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She Speaks We Hear is a non-partisan online platform for women to express themselves

on their terms without being over-powered or silenced by sexism, racism or social disadvantage.

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About Us

The focus of our work is primarily three-fold and includes Islamophobia, racism, and sexism. We do this through story-telling, skills building and connecting women to the public sphere

Female experiences and stories, in particular those of Muslim women, are all too often reduced, simplified and marginalised. The media narrative tends to focus on Muslim women in the context of appearance, or how integrated they are, instead of their positive contribution to society.

Muslim women face multiple prejudices arising as a result of the intersection of gender, faith, and ethnicity. This can prevent their voices from being heard and engaged with.

She Speaks We Hear platforms the stories and experiences of Muslim women, so they can own their narrative, without cultural filters or agendas. The platform provides space for others to understand and access female Muslim voices.

In a world where debate and opinion are highly polarised, we aim to facilitate nuanced discussion, bridge divides, and reclaim the middle ground.

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There are lots of ways to get involved with She Speaks We Hear. We are always keen to empower women and connect them to the public sphere.

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Meet the Incredible Women Behind She  Speaks We Hear

Akeela Ahmed

Founder & Managing Director

Sharmeen Ziauddin


Aamna Khokhar

Resident Life Coach

aliya ziadi
Aliya Zaidi

Head Of Content Strategy